Russian Army Weapons

Russian Army Weapons

    Russia has long had a fascination with guns. Because of its international prominence, Russia has been involved in quite a few armed conflicts. This spurred the development of the arms industry.

    For many years, priority has been given to investment in and development of new gun technologies. Present-day Russia has become a major player in the manufacture of firearms. It has acquired an enviable reputation for quality guns.

    Some Russian guns are well-known around the world. The famous AK-47 was created by Lieutenant General Mikhail Kalashnikov. Though developed around 50 years ago, it is still extremely popular and in demand. These are to be found around the world.

    Involved in World War II, Russia was victorious because of its strong armed forces. These were equipped with some of the most advanced weapons of their time. During the “Cold War” standoff with the United States, the Soviet Union continued to develop and to stockpile weapons. These were seen as defense against a potential attack from the U.S.

    Today the Russian Federation still invests heavily in military resources. Every day many people work in plants creating new and better firearms. They want their homeland to be free of any threat from foreign would-be invaders.

    The leaders of every strong country understand that their national security depends upon a well-trained and well-equipped military. Strength commands respect in the international community. It also inspires the confidence of its own citizens.

    Today Russia has become a world leader in weapon production. It annually sells and exports an amazing volume of firearms. These go all over the world. These sales are prompted by the impressive quality, the constantly developing technology and the ready availability of Russian guns. Russia has earned, and deserves its reputation for weaponry.


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